TI4: Wildcard Playoffs

The wildcard matches between MVP Phoenix, Team Liquid, Virtus Pro, and CIS Gaming were concluded this afternoon with some great results out of the NA team, Liquid. I did not get a chance to catch the match between MVP and VP, but I did see the remaining matches and was pleased to see the results.

TL won their first matches against CIS and knocking the unfortunate Chinese players out of the tournament after a lot of travel issues and a struggle thus far. It was a 2-0 sweep with some huge plays from the TL supports allowing the core to crush the opposition.

Despite the weak teams from Korea, MVP managed to win their first match and move on to face Liquid in the finals of the series. The first game was action packed when MVP started off in a huge lead, but a mistake in pushing too far allowed TL to come back and hold the mid game. The back and forth action lasted the rest of the game until TL finally caught the last break they needed to win.

The second game resulted in a crushing defeat of MVP as the pushing power and map control destroys them and their odd pick of a Naga/Faceless core. This put TL into the playoffs with an exciting 4-0 sweep of the wildcard series!

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