TI4 coverage announced!

Epic news broke earlier today when Valve announced that ESPN will be covering the main event of The International 2014, held at the KeyArena in Seattle. This record setting tournament will now be the feature of the first step into putting eSports into the public’s eye.

Although the coverage will only be online via ESPN3, it still has a big impact since it will get a lot of potential traffic from a major network regardless of the medium that will show it. It also means that the world is starting to recognize that eSports has a big audience, isn’t just a joke, and can potentially be something that everyone enjoys rather than just gamers.

I have been into the eSports community for a few years now, and I am ecstatic to see anything in the spotlight like this. I have been trying to help support and spread the scene in various ways, promoting it to co-workers and friends. This event, which has been majorly funded by the fans, has a whopping ten million dollar prize  pool and a story that has finally garnered eSports enough prestige to be noticed outside of it’s core community.

Now I get the chance to see and be part of the growth of what I feel has the potential to be internationally recognized and funded spectacle on the same vein as Soccer. This truly is the first step and with some serious commitment by game developers and the fans this could be the launchpad into games being a “real” sport to the world!

Read the full announcement here.

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