Paranautical Activity

This week in video games has been full of hatred (see what I did there?). Along with that trailer there was a bit of a scandal regarding Paranautical Activity when the developers decided it was time to release the game.

Essentially when the game went live the Steam site continued to call the game early access. Rather than be a sensible person regarding this mistake Maulbeck, co-founder of Code Avarice, decided to flame Valve on Twitter. He didn’t just express frustration, he went all out going so far as to make a death threat to Gabe Newell. Amusingly enough Valve made a statement saying that his game was taken from the catalog because the development team “threatened the life of an employee.” like Gabe is just another dude that works there.

I have to ask, when did it become a normal thing to go from frustration to super levels of aggression? This guy isn’t 15 anymore where his hormones are raging. He’s an adult, right? Later he comes back and says that he is sorry, steps down from the company and bitches some more. I just… Why would you think a DEATH THREAT was a good idea and good PR for your game? Not only that but this is the pure definition of how to never work as a developer with any credibility. It boggles my mind that someone could be so silly as to do this, and I have to ask what the fuck, Mulbeck?

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