Gone Home

Gone Home is a story exploration game in a first person highly interactive environment. You play as a girl who has just returned home from an extended trip to another country, but it focuses on the story of her sister told through an audio diary like narrative. These audio clippings are given slowly as you explore the home you’ve come back to.

At first this game took me awhile to really get into. There were no indicators as to what I was doing as I wandered the hallways, so I almost put it down. I think this is in part because I had no idea what this game actually was, but once I finally discovered the first piece of the story I was hooked. It gave me a drive to touch everything, and to look through every drawer. The house also had a creepy vibe that kept me on the edge of my seat through to the end which made every piece of the story that much more lucrative to find.

Unfortunately I do not think I could recommend this game to just anyone since it lacks any real gameplay outside of exploration and walking, but if you are looking for a low key story with a fun interactive environment, I truly think this game is worth it. If you liked the Stanley Parable, but want something more serious I think this game will leave you wanting more.

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