Dreamhack Summer 2014: Grand Finals

Dreamhack Summer 2014 ends with a bang in a spectacular set between Alliance and Cloud9. The competition is tight with comebacks, back and forth play, and some amazing moves bringing the finals to a game five in a very tense series.

The first game is underway and it seems that Alliance just has the better draft. With IO and Natures Prophet they can turn any gank into a 4 man fight, furthermore the long range initiation by Puck and the constant presence of Treant Protector means that it is going to be a tough game for Cloud9. The whole match seems to be against C9 as their ancients are constantly blocked and their team gets picked off all over the map. C9’s Ember Spirit attempts to rush an Eye of Skadi, but due to a death and a buyback it goes form being rushed to a late buy crippling his output. C9 tries to take the game into their favor by sneaking an early Roshan, but Alliance is on top of it and shuts them down hard. However C9 doesn’t give up and smokes into the pit just to get crushed a second time, leaving Alliance the momentum to take the first game.


Game two starts with much the same as Alliance’s Kunkka + Shadow Demon combo takes kills on C9 left and right through to the mid game keeping their Brewmaster out of lane and way behind. That doesn’t stop them though because EternalEnVy showcases some fantastic Tinker play putting the pressure on the entire map single handedly. His gold advantage grows to an astronomical level and it seems that Alliance might not have anything to say about the game. Alliance doesn’t give up and through what feels like some flawless plays, they take down Tinker a few times giving them hope of a win. Brewmaster climbs out of his hole through the midgame and starts to lay the smack-down on Alliance with Tinker still jumping around the map killing creeps before they even get a chance to leave the safety of their towers. It proves to be too much for Alliance and the pressure finally cracks them bringing the series to a 1:1 start.


Loda’s Phantom Assassin gets completely shut down in the third game as the C9 rotations keep him effectively out of farm for the entire early game while the Alliance rotations only keeps them from taking towers and snowballing this game. The struggle continues, but eventually Alliance starts to make their plays and put the pressure on C9. Invoker’s tornado EMP’s are one of the few things keeping C9 in the game, forcing Alliance to back up drained of mana time and time again. The game is on the edge with a tense balance of power between the two teams, but the scales finally start to tip as Tidehunter gets a Refresher Orb and uses it to great effect in an absolutely huge play on top lane. C9 never quite manages to get back into the game and is soon down to just their Ancient left to defend. In a last ditch effort C9 attempts to take a fight despite everything stacked against them and Gyrocopter buys a Divine Rapier to destroy the Alliance lineup, but even that isn’t enough for the double Ravage that leaves him alone against the enemy team leading to a 2:1 for Alliance.


Cloud9 steps up their game and shuts down the mid Storm Spirit keeping him from being able to pressure the other lanes. This allows Faceless Void to farm unhindered on the  bottom lane, and it seems like this match will be an easy C9 win. However some epic saves from IO and narrow escapes from Nature’s Prophet keep Alliance in the game as they use their superior mobility to constantly pressure  C9’s base. Despite a 10K gold and experience deficit for the entire game, Alliance fights back and keeps C9 at bay in what turns into a forty five minute action packed game! Ultimately it becomes too much and Alliance loses with a series of pick offs on the Nature’s Prophet effectively shutting down the pressure giving C9 the room to take the game.


It’s the final game and Alliance is tired of fighting from behind and take a massive lead early in the game with an 8-1 score. The pressure is on for C9 who has been having trouble winning games even when they are way ahead. C9 goes in for a Roshan kill with an effort to even the game out, but with an absolutely incredible play by enchantress, Alliance denies them the first Aegis of the match by sneaking a creep into the pit to destroy the item before it is picked up. C9 eventually evens the game out with a second Roshan later in the game and once again these two teams are on the razors edge. In a turn of events Alliance manages to push into C9’s base and takes the inner mid tower while they have barely lost any of their own. The third Roshan fight proves to be the last of the series as Alliance comes in for a full party wipe even after two C9 buybacks leaving Alliance the Dreamhack Summer 2014 champions with a 3:2 win in the series!

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