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Let’s Talk About Goodbyes

The Art of Leaving a Party


Picture this: it’s a boring Wednesday when suddenly, amidst the stupor of midweek work a friend or acquaintance sends you a Facebook/Evite/(insert other social media platform here) invite. Immediately, you scrutinize the sender. You can’t just accept, what if it’s from that creepy guy you added to get more friends on Mafia Farm or whatever app you’ve been playing while hiding in the bathroom at work.

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San Diego LineCon (Comic-Con) 2014

Here I sit a month after the CON, mulling things over. I’ve let the whole experience sink in–this is definitely not a case of me being lazy by waiting almost too long for this post to be relevant.


I’ve been in attendance since 2010 ( barring 2013), and this was my fourth SDCC. Each year has been a whirlwind of activity, with a combination of late nights, smelly attendees, celebrity run-ins, and much more—thankfully not always in that order.

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