Beyond The Summit: Group Stage

Yesterday kicked us off with the group stages of the Beyond the Summit international tournament where six teams competed over a prize pool of just over $115,000.  The format of the tournament is  double elimination starting with a group stage for initial seeding. For those who are not familiar with this format, it is a set up where the playoffs allow teams to lose a match and still have a chance at first place by winning the lower (losers) bracket. The group stages are best of one round robin games where all teams will compete against one another and the top standing participants seed into the upper (winners) bracket.

The opening matches of the day were anything but conventional with unusually long games and non standard hero picks. In the first game between Team DK and Vici Gaming there was a five minute long team fight outside of the Roshan pit. This off and on fight resulted in a big swing for DK gaming taking them from a sizable deficit to a solid lead that lasted until the game concluded with their victory. The rest of the early group matches were dominated by beautiful sacred arrow use by the Chinese teams with their support Mirana players resulting in game winning plays by their respective teams.

The Euroean teams favored use of Tinker with his excellent split pushing skills and powerful area of affect presence in team fights. Fnatic’s stand in member, Excalibur, used a blink dagger, dagon 5, and ethereal blade combo to make impressive plays in their first match of the tournament forcing a quick GG by their opponent’s, DK. Brewmaster was also a common pick with a strong early and mid game using the blink, thunderclap, elemental split to destroy unsuspecting carries. The last games of the night were more one sided with the North American teams struggling to win with final games finishing up around 1am. With DK looking strong, the final matches of the group stages ended this afternoon  leaving us with an NA lower bracket and a long road ahead for our local brethren as the tournament continues in the BTS Headquaters at Las Angeles.


Final Results courtesy of

# Name W D L S P
1 cn DK 4 0 1 3 12
2 eu Fnatic 3 0 2 1 9
3 ua Natus Vincere 3 0 2 1 9
4 cn Vici Gaming 3 0 2 1 9
5 us Evil Geniuses 2 0 3 -1 6
6 us Natus Vincere NA 0 0 5 -5 0
Current Tournament Bracket
Current Tournament Bracket from the BTS website

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