Borderlands is a gritty, cutthroat, shoot em up by Gearbox and 2k Games. The comic book like graphics and expansive arsenal are very quick and easy reasons to like the game. Peppered with a style of humor that is not afraid to take a stab at it self, and a heapin’ helpin’ of expansions sets the perfect meal of gory, raunchy yummyness. And for desert, it’s re-playable as all hell. I’ve personally beaten the game several times and never get full from it.


9.5/10 (really, this is one of the best games IV’E ever played)


Mass Effect (yes, the first one):


Mass Effect is a well crafted and epically written RPG by BioWare and Microsoft Game Studios. I really enjoyed how the game felt while playing it, and I really enjoyed the story line. Having said that, Mass Effect is a huge game with a lot to do, and even more to read. While this is typical for this type of game (and I do loves me a good RPG) I found my self, in cases of short playing time, doing more talking than killing. Now to be fair, that time talking was well used getting down with blue alien chicks, but was most daunting during weapon and item purchases. Moving from screen to screen between armor, weapons, and items was kind of awful. All ranting aside, Mass Effect is a very fun game; more than worth the twenty bucks you can probably find it for at your local video game retail establishment.

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